Help Center

Do You Have Intern Positions?

We offer internships for students with varying needs. We also specialize in internships for those with special needs regardless of their level of disability. Our founder has autism and has worked with clients in the past to overcome otherwise insurmountable vocational barriers.

How Do I Apply?

Please submit your interest in our internship program through the contact section of our webpage. Feel free to also reach out to us directly on any of our listed social media platforms.

Do I Need IT Services?

Yes. Home networks and business networks are no where near the same thing. Mistakes made while setting up and maintaining a business network can cost you time and money. Lost revenue from crashed payment systems or fines due to a lack of compliance plus many more issues lie in store for any business that ignores their IT needs.

How Can I Request a Consultation?

Consultations for existing businesses usually run between 30 and 60 minutes. Consultations for new businesses usually run about 60 minutes. Both are free of charge. Just fill out the contact form and someone will get back to you within 1 business day.

What If I Have An Emergency?

We're open 24/7. Use our number and leave a message for our on-call line. Someone will get back to you within 30 minutes.