May Cannabis Tech Review - Nova FX


This is the first monthly cannabis tech review and we figured we would test it out on something we just added to our kitchen. The Nova FX from Ardent Life, Inc was put through the wringer this month and we have the receipts. We plan on doing a couple of different reviews on this product because of how much it can do, but, we figured we would start with the basics. Ardent Life, Inc claims on its website that it's capable of complete decarboxylation. Considering how much I used to waste on the oven method, anything even close to complete decarb is a win in my book.

The Good

  • Easy to use for first time edible makers

  • Easy to clean

  • Portable/Mobile

  • Fits a decent amount (4oz)

  • Purple is awesome

The Bad

  • Moisture - Moisture collects at the top and needs to be dealt with immediately at the end of the cycle before dripping back onto the decarbed product. It's not that big of a hassle but it is worth noting.

  • Almost Complete Decarb - I'd love to put this in the good category but the claim is complete decarb. Lab results showed a 99.99% conversion from THCa to THC. It's close but no cigar.


This product was tested by making some tinctures and then submitting samples to MCR Labs. We also tested them with our bodies, which is why we didn't end up posting this last weekend. Considering it's the apocalypse and no one can tell us what to do, we decided to just send it. The FX was the easy part of this process: just dropping the product in, pressing a button, and waiting until the lights changed color. Surviving the 1800mg tincture was the more difficult part of the process, which we did. In the end, even though the product didn't live up to the claim of complete decarboxylation, we here at Green Jackal Security highly recommend picking up this product. You won't be disappointed.

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