The Evolving Cannabis Industry - Presented by MCR Labs

This past week, MCR Labs, a cutting-edge laboratory at the forefront of cannabis science, put on an informative webinar, hosted by Melissa Kenton, covering the cannabis industry beginning from the Massachusetts ballot initiative and extending into the future. It began with a brief introduction followed by an expansive presentation by, Director of Business Development, Jonathan Wani. His topics ranged from the rise of producers, growth of specialization products, government mandating, licensing, testing, what the future holds concerning government mandates, and new ways to meet customers' needs. Such mandates like a seed-to-sale tracking system, which would keep a close watch over how much product is produced, sold, and leftover. A possible QR code to scan at the store for different flowers at the store to look up the certificate of analysis, though storage for every analysis, he explained, would get costly. While we here at Green Jackal Security agree that the resource demand for those items will go up, we expect the cannabis industry to go along with the rest of the world and see a decrease in overall cost to data storage as new technologies come online. Jonathan has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of this industry that he was happy to share.

Scott Churchill, Director of Scientific Operations at MCR Labs, then spoke about the history of the laboratory and how far they have come: from a single test for only 5 different cannabinoids to 11 different tests that can find 93 different things. He revealed some of the developments MCR Labs has made, such as environmental monitoring and viroid screening. Scott capped his time by mentioning a few things about the direction he sees the science going moving forward. MCR Labs finished with a Q&A session with some great questions from viewers.

The second half of the webinar featured a 5 person panel discussion that was led by Grant Smith Ellison. This fascinating conversation was also vast in the areas it covered, and the insight each panelist was able to give from host community agreements for new businesses and licensing, to specific issues on the medical aspect of things, as opposed to the adult use.

Since Green Jackal Security is an IT Support company at heart, we have a special interest here in technology as it relates to cannabis. Shanel Lindsay, Funder & CEO of Ardent Life, Inc was present for the event. She focused mostly on relevant topics related to laws, licenses, and her experience developing the cannabis industry in Massachusetts. It should be noted though that Green Jackal Security has a review coming out on the Ardent FX, which has been hands down the best device any of us have ever used to process marijuana into edibles and tinctures.

Overall, the panel expressed how improvements need to be made to the systems in Massachusetts related to cannabis so that they better match our goals as a community for safe marijuana use provided by an equitable system. The panel pushed for more transparency while decisions are being reviewed and made by the Cannabis Control Commission and encouraged them to make these decisions in a common-sense way that reflects the facts of each case before them.

The webinar is embedded below for anyone that would like to check it out, which I would highly recommend.

MCR Labs -

Jonathan Wani -

Scott Churchill -

General questions for the lab -

Grant Smith Ellis (moderator) - President of The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition Jill Becker, MD - Attending Physician at InhaleMD

Shanel Lindsay - Funder & CEO of Ardent Life, Inc

Jessica Barlett - Cannabis reporter at the Boston Business Journal

Noni Goldman - COO of The Hubcraft

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